Coaching and Counselling

You’re wanting something different than you currently have, and you’re unsure about how to get it. I can help you.

I offer coaching and counselling for individuals and couples on relationship and sexuality topics such as those listed in the sidebar, as well as a wide range of general quality-of-life concerns, for example:

  • self-care and balancing needs
  • self-awareness and intimacy
  • stress management
  • perfectionism or procrastination
  • trauma recovery
  • dissatisfaction but not knowing where to make changes
  • and more

We use our minds not to discover facts but to hide them. ~ Bessel van der Kolk, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry, Boston University

You can work with me in a way that fits your location, schedule and budget:

  • by e-mail
  • by telephone or Skype
  • at my office – downtown Toronto or in the High Park / Junction area
  • in your home, within the TTC service area

I can work with you exclusively or in conjunction with your other health care professionals, as a specialist or consultant.

For more details, ask your question below or see the About Me page.


All inquiries are confidential.

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